WELCOME to CUB SCOUTS!   Where the best is only the beginning.

Best friends. Discovering what she does best. Best time of his life. In Cub Scouts, doing your best is only the beginning. 

From building their own Pinewood Derby car to learning how to roast the perfect marshmallow, your daughter or son will love being a Cub Scout. No matter what grade, kindergarten through fifth, Cub Scouts is a blast.


Girls and boys join Scouting because it's fun. But you’ll love it for all the other benefits your child receives. Scouting teaches leadership and character. It builds confidence and social skills. It teaches the value of service and citizenship. And it brings families closer together.

Our Cub Scouts pack is a large group organized into "dens" by grade level. Most dens meet every other week during the school year, and are a great way to make friends.

Each den has parents who volunteer as den leaders. Parents are encouraged to join in any and all pack activities. Cub Scouting works best when Scouts and their parents do it together. Den leaders use their training and Den Leader Guide books to plan fun and exciting meetings. Each den has a handbook for Scouts to work on adventures at home and at the meetings.

Once a month, all our dens meet together for the pack meeting where we present awards and participate in fun games and activities.

In addition to den and pack meetings, our pack offers many other opportunities for fun and adventure.  We offer many day camps, overnight camps, optional pack outings (field trips) and optional pack activities such as our Pinewood Derby.  There's no shortage of fun on our calendar!

During the summertime, dens meet less frequently as many of our Cub Scouts families plan vacations and other activities. Pack programs continue in the summertime, though, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from.

Most of our Cub Scouts families are involved year-round in a variety of other interests. Soccer, football, hockey, baseball, and basketball schedules don't need to get in the way of Cub Scouting or vice-versa. Many of our families have multiple kids going in many different directions after school.  Pack 151 understands these challenges and that's why we do so much planning.  We publish an entire year's calendar ahead of time. Plus we offer so many opportunities, that if you need to occasionally skip a den/pack meeting or two, it's OK.

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