About Me

PhD Electronics and Communications Telecom Paris

Msc. Networks and Telecommunications, ENSEEIHT, INPT

Bsc. Telecommunications Engineer. UNAM

I've got my B.S. degree in Telecommunications Engineering from National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2001. In 2002 I've realized a MBA in Telecommunications Technology at EOI in Madrid. During this period I've been working as a Network Engineer in Vodafone Spain. In 2004 I've obtained my M.Sc. degree in Networks and Communications from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse FR, my researching work was related to the Transport layer for ad-hoc networks. In 2008 I've received my Ph.D. degree in Communications and Electronics from Telecom ParisTech (Telecomm Paris site of Toulouse). My researching work was focused on routing in Satellite Constellations with Store and Forward technics. In 2008 I've started a postdoctoral stay in the TRIO team at LORIA in Quality of Service for Wireless Networked Control Systems. Since April 2010 until Jun 2012 I was working as a Expert Engineer INRIA in the same team. My work concerned the QoS in WSN for assisted living environments, the study of routing technics for energy optimization and the study of WSN applications. Since September 2012 I work on my own project : GIS, sensors and mobile applications applied to sense the environment with a geographic coordinate.

Since November 2013 I'm collaborate as development engineer at MyFox in the IoT field.