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My other blogs and blogstubs

  • about Ancestry
    dealing with the sites and Ancestry Library Edition
  • about AOL
    what I find out about my UK isp  and exploring especially the genealogical community, chat rooms and home pages

    £14.99 for the first Six Months broadband and cheaper than dial up -  then £17.99 there after.

  • and Rootsweb
    which is a freebie centre for genealogy made by volunteers helping each other first as a foundation and today sponsored by myfamilyinc com and


  • Viking
    In my desk drawer, or on my old computers, I have various drafts of this historical novel project, mny note books and travels in Scandinavia for research,  based in the period 950 to 1020 ad and this fragment was written for National Novel Writing Month in 2004


  • 200 years ago
    this was to compare Lord Nelson and Hans Christan Andersen in their bicentenary year and the folk hero culture of UK and Denmark


  • Memories
    Where I should be writing my memoires. I am age 70 soon the contents of my head will be lost forever unless I download them as words.
  • Hugh's Reviews
    my first success as a paid writer was with the Record Review monthly magazine in May 1960 writing about new releases on LP records of barss band and military band music.

    I spotted a niche and wrote to the editor asking for a trial assignement.

  • Bloog
    this is where I post tasteless stuff including mw links, other blogs, humour, my own medication
  • Seriously
    just that a blog for serious essays and philosophy
  • conservatory
    I am the principal of the virtual Academy of English and Music
  • about Google 

    for good and evil links and comments

  • Solihull

     a phone cam image campaign against the neglected rubbish outdoors

     which is the responsibility of Solihull  Metropolitan Borough Council to clear up - the blog images are dated documentation

  • Karl Dane

    my research notes about this film star

    Laura Balogh is writing the biography of Rasmus Karl Therkelsen Gottlieb

     please contact her at with any information.

  • LAPHAM 1

    links to LAPHAM sites worldwide

  • LAPHAM 2

    sources and work done on the LAPHAM one-name study

  • LAPHAM 3 one-name study

    for notes and sources

  • Iron Way 

    getting started on my second National Novel Writing Month in 2005

    This time I was busking and got such a good idea that I was stopped dead in my tracks by the need for more research.

  • main BLOG

    this is a true web log listing some of the  sites I visit on my daily round

    the text is mostly abstracts  from genealogical  pages to encourage my readers to explore


    In the nineteen thirties  the box brownie was the snap shot camera of my parents generation

    today I use a Sony-Ericsson phone-cam to document what I see and where I go, and because I have a serious health problem with obesity, and sleep apnea, to encourage myself to go walking for exercise.
    Ericsson P990 Hermione Communicator  coould be my  next phone if it has a better camera




    My websites and databases

  • LAPHAM one-name study

    combining all the LAPHAM  trees shared with me or that I can find or create.

  • My own  Family Tree WATKINS and LAPHAM  --Monmouthshire and Bristol UK
    and another version :3011593 both are  linited to less than 2000 names

    and the most uptodate is  hughw36 

  • Danish Census and Genealogy, -- the site we are building to help people research their danish ancestors 
  • Merionethshire WalesGenWeb --- I administer this Welsh genealogy site
  • HOW TO start your family history , --- and my portrait
  • my family history archive   
  • jones_raglan  one-place study of the suname JONES in the  village of Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales.

    my dear granny Blanche Eveline Jones was born on 5 JUN 1874 in Raglan, Monmouthshire

    her father: Edward Jones b: BEF JAN 1842 in Raglan, Monmouthshire,Wales
    her mother: Mary Jones b: 1848 in Llanvair Mon


    about Me

    Name:Hugh Watkins
    Location:Birmingham UK, born, United Kingdom

    daily blogging again from the seventh floor close to BHX airport

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