The Hugh Review

 May 29            

  • Next meeting: 6:45 AM; BCC: Thursday, June 5.
  • Programs and Program Enthusiasts wanted: Please see Scott  
  • Youth Exchange: contact Al. L. for information 
  • June 15-18: Rotary International Convention: Los Angeles: The Club to pay the registration fees of any member attending
  • June 26 Demotion for Hugh at the Lindquist Chateau.  Ten Bucks Plus Side Dish (See Cindy for Sign-Up)
  • NATR: January 24, 2009

Let's Make Up:

Make Up Meetings are Everwhere: 


City Gates Cafe at the Portuguese Plaza Bldg., 1165 Hoff Way 



Elks Lodge                               Noon

Butte Creek Country Club       6PM 

Corning Rolling Hills Casino      Noon


Paradise Elks Lodge                              Noon


Pat and Larrys            12:15



We thank Lisa V for the Mt. Everest-Inspired P&I.

Check that name: Jim W is apparently aka Mr. "Duplicate."

Self-described "Stumbler" Tony D will be cutting the rug--or floor-- next month in a "Dancing with the Stars-esqe" fundraiser for the Paradise Dancers: July 27. 

Randy L redefines "research," as he explained his recent Club-related jaunt to Cancun, where he searched and searched for an international project.  One possibility: tattoo removal.  Five Bells.

We thank our guest speaker: Debbie Roth, Area Director for the Special Olympics, a position she has held for the past 15 years.  Assisting were multi-sport winner Thea Beckett, and organizers Dick Trimmer and Dennis Frazier.  The Hearts for Gold Dinner in July 26; the Walk for Gold is September 20.  Check 




We thank Tony D for the P&I.

On the newsstands now: Craig L and his father on the May cover of Dentaltown magazine.



And....Craig's daughter Katie not only has graduated but has a job in her chosen field of fashion design.  Double congratulations: 5 Bells.

The check please: Tim H accepts $2500 from the Club for Hooked on Fishing.

But who is counting: Dennis F recently returned from Virgina and NY, where he spent time with his tenth grandchild.  5 Bells.

Dan B was able to find time between his weekly trips to Hawaii.  This time it was Lanai.  Congratulations, too, on wedding anniversary number 30.  Three bells.


 May 8

We thank Bob F. for the P&I, given a grand total of 3 short minutes to prepare for that harrowing experience.

It took a lot longer than three minutes to get this answer from Bob J: "The Big Island;" his first vacation in (yes, it is true) a whole year. Four Bells.

Cindi A. took a trip back east of indeterminate length: 7, 9 or 10 days: New York/Boston, where she stayed in a former prison, now renovated, drinking at aptly named bars: "Clink" and "Alibi." Five Bells.

We thank Eduardo Olmedo, Ranger of the Grindstone District of the Mendocino National Forest, for his talk and presentation on the Chico Tree Farm.

We thank greeters Errin N., Steve B. and Cyndi A., with front desk help from Heidi H.


May 1

We thank Ken C for the P&I.

While the event has come and gone, Diane M did duly publicize Butte Community Bank's shred event, a benefit for Butte County Search and Rescue.  One note: it was "the other" shredding company.  Four Bells.

Our club's published author: Jim R, with his book just out: Love's Journey, available at Lyon's.  Congratulations.  Two Bells.  Jim also spent some time recently in Portland and will soon be in Hawaii.

We thank our guest speaker Michael Coyle from CSU Chico, speaking about corrections. 


 April 17

We were lead by Pres. Hugh, who fined himself $10 for not accurately transmitting the correctly spelling of our newest member’s last name.

And speaking of Bob Keaster, congratulations to Bob’s son, newly employed in law enforcement with the County of Butte; supporter Tony D. paying the three bell toll.

Janet O. confessed that she has still yet to find the path to the website, but promises to put that on her to do list.  Janet also made mention of another task on that same list: shoveling free the trunk of her car.

Dennis F. reminded us all about the Rotary Foundation contribution, due from each member on April 24.  Fred M. provided some insight as to the benefits of the Foundation.

We thank our guest speaker Sherry Holbrook, on her presentation of the Docsek Home.  Located in the heart of Mazabuka town in the Southern Province of Zambia, the Docsek Home provides care for orphaned and vulnerable children of Zambia.  




We thank greeters Dave W. Bob F. and Cindy L., with front desk help from Ron P.


April 10

We were led by Pres. Hugh, with, once again, a remarkably light fine hammer.

We thank the peripatetic John C for the P&I, who reminded us that after even the best journeys, it is good to be home.

Unless the trip was to Italy, as Diane M explained that, newly returned, she wished to go back.  Immediately.  Diane had some photo evidence of ancient Italian Rotarianism; perhaps that explains the paltry one Bell “fine.”

Traveling, too, and staying longer that expected, courtesy of the former Aloha Airlines, was Dan B.  A victim of bankruptcy, Dan and his wife managed to find the silver lining in the rise of fuel prices, extending their kid-free Hawaiian vacation by two days.  Two Bells.

And consuming vast amounts of jet fuel, too, was Bill D., fresh from a three week trip to south east Asia.  Bill’s trip included a complete north-south excursion of Viet Nam.  One of Bill’s highlights: the beaches at Nha Trang.  Another lone Bell.

 Nha Trang

We thank the enthusiasm, wit and humor of our guest speaker, George Lewis, who explained his remarkable success with the Guatemalan Water Project.  In two years, he has provided the displayed filtration system to 57,000 families.  In more general terms, George extolled the benefits of World Service Community Projects.

We thank greeters Dana m, Rich P and Chris M, and front desk help from Fred M.


April 3

Where was Tim S?  The group was primed for his P&I, but it was not to be.  Not to worry, though, as our own Pres. Hugh, in the twilight of his administration, gallantly rose to the occasion.

The day of reckoning came for Larry G.  The room was abuzz with partisan speculation: did he or didn't he?   All eyes were upon Larry as he admitted that contrary to the optimistic Canyon Oaks scales, he was closer to 190 that the goal of 180.  As you may recall, there was much discussion and confusion as to the terms of the contest.  It ended well, however, with both Larry and Hugh paying $50.

The Aero Union empire grows, as explained by Terry U: two more buildings, double the business as compared with six years and all with 100 fewer employees.  Congratulations: $50.

And speaking well of his employees, too, was Mark S, explaining the testing successes of two employees in particular, having received all available certifications.  $50.

And speaking well of his sons, Jim H explained that all three were graduating at the same time.  Congratulations.

We thank our guest speaker, Carl Sturdy, one fellow from nearly every law enforcement agency around:  BINTF/DOJ/BCSO. 

We thank greeters Dan B, Ric N and Carol L, and front desk help from Errin N.


March 27

We thank Tim H for his thoughtful P & I.

The Club welcomed its newest member, Bob Feaster.  By way of his introduction, Bob noted the helpful role his special education experience may play in his dealings with Club members.  We look forward to getting to know Bob.


Shameless plug by Lisa V, though on behalf of her son, for the Center for Independent Living's pirate-oriented fundraiser, April 18.


We thank our guest, police chief Bruce Hagerty, who told us more than we thought possible to know about the soon-to-be effective "look ma, no hands" cell phone regulations.

We thank greeters Cindy A, Randy L and Brian L, and front desk help from Diane M.


March 13 

Tanya L. stated us off with the I&P: some thoughtful words of CS Lewis.

The "name that vocation" pre-Career Day winners were Howard S, picking Ric N (high quality hinges may have been the key) and Lisa V, selecting Mr. James S.  Thanks to Chris M, the winners received a second breakfast course of red wine and cigars.

The infamous wine weekend involving  S o' S Tami B, Vicki H and Cindy L remains shrouded in mystery.  Tami, the lone member of this trio present took a page out of the Alberto Gonzales play book, interweaving the responses "what wine trip," with "I don't remember."

Has Larry G plateaued?  He continues to wager 180 pounds by the fast-approaching end of the month. 

Using the Costco model,  El. P. ("The") Hugh offered a very reduced fine of $10 for those inclined to self-infliction.  Diane M jumped on the bandwagon first: off to Italy with her sister.  Almost as fast was Mark S, announcing his 25th wedding anniversay.  He and Susan are headed to Seattle.  Tim H, doing his part for the lagging consumer RV market has just purchased a 5th wheel.  Crystal C joins the ranks of others with a "business trip;" the destination of this hardship was the Carribean.  Sean I listed too many trips to count, including Tahoe, Mendocino and Napa, the last of which drew a close encounter with the afore-mentioned trio.  Errin has matched and  invested for Zachary.  Ken B spent 12 days on Kuai, without the pretense of "conference."  Al L went to Hawaii last year and purschased a lot (presumably not in the path of molten lava) on the big island.

We thank our guest speaker Kris (Two-Time Emmy Winner) Koenig for his excellent previews of upcoming prsenations on the past, presrnt and future of the telescope and on the homeless of Chico.

We thank greeters Craig L, Pat P and Bob J, and front desk fiscal control from Dave W.

February 28

Thanks to Susie S., for her Dr. Suess-Free I & P.

El. P. ("The") Hugh was "unavailable" for his presiding duties and was replaced the the P.-To-B: Randy L, who accepted the gavel with the every bit of dignity the post deserves.

Errin N. reports that he is investigating all investment strategies and opportunities for his son's hedge-fund.

And speaking of investments, we learned of the celebrity status bestowed upon our own Dan B.  Reported by the North State Business Journal, Dan was rated number 37 on a list of outstanding investment bankers.  Contrary to several uninformed comments, the list ran to the thousands and was not limited to 37 in total.  Congratulations.  Four Bells.

And speaking of ($4/gal) investments, Dave W. is splitting time between Petroleum King on the one hand and Delegater on the other, having enlisted the assistance of his wife, Stacy, to help distribute dictionaries.  Dave explained the benefits of delegation: more time for golf, vacations, etc.  

And we welcome back long-absent Tim H., whose shoulder fell victim to an unfortunate deer-related incident, resulting in rotator cuff surgery.  After a false start due to the January 4 "wind event," Tim's surgery did commence and these many weeks later, while perhaps not yet 100%, Tim was able to reach into his wallet for: Four Bells.     

We thank our guest speaker Ted Blofski, formerly of the ER, for some interesting history about the newspaper business.  Ted's blog:

We thank greeters Chris M, Mark S and Alan L, with front desk help from Dan B.



March 6.

We thank Dennis F. for the P and I.

El. P. ("The") Hugh returned to the podium in triumph, wielding the gravel with apparent skill.

First, Scott (Residential Foreclosures) L confirmed the Charter Night date of April 24 at Jim H's house.  The event will be catered by none other than the Market Cafe.

Next announced was the return of John C, fresh from his trip to Chile, Argentina and Patagonia.  Mindful of his presidential homage duties, John presented Hugh with a bottle of wine that by all appearances was on the thin side. 4 Bells.

Congratulations to James (My Middle Name IS Dictionary) S, for finishing second in a recent race; the number of total contestants was unknown. 1 Bell.

And speaking of finish (and waist) lines, though Larry G was not present, the speculation grows as the day of day of reckoning approaches.

Leo (I'll Try That) W very successfully surprised his fiance with, yes: a dog sledding escapade.  Leo remarked as to how quiet the dogs were when mushing.  5 Bells.

More Later: Tami B, Vicki H and Cindy L on their annual wine, spa, sister of sin experience.

The romantic Larry W: we learned that Larry first met his wife many years ago amid the backdrop of....canasta.  Yes, all true, confirms Larry, as their stars joined after a trial run or two.  Congratulations.

And, finally, not a surprise: the only appropriate locale for the famed Piret family "meeting:" Las Vegas, of course.  Explained Ron: rooms by dozens, unlimited golf and all tax deductible.  Writing it all off to the tune of: 4 bells.

We thank our speaker Matt York from Videomaker, Inc, describing to us his distribution of technology for education in some very remote spots. 

Thanks to greeters Cindy L, Sean I and Bill D, with front desk support from Dana M.



Our previous meeting began with the happy news of the announcement of the birth of Mr. Zachary Evan Norlie on Saturday, February 9.  Congratulations!

He Has His Daddy's Eyes

This week we learned the numbers: 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches.

The collection cup netted $264, to be matched by Errin.


Diane M's face keeps popping up.  It seems that she is now the poster-daughter for Windchimes.  Diane also advises that her own room is "ready to go."  Two chimes.


Jim W, enjoying lunch, blames this on his publicist.  Two bites.

 You Be the Judge


And the much-travelled Dave W was first "chasing piggies" in Laytonville (the pigs are safe) and second in Palm Springs, enjoying the snow.  The three beller was shunted to Mark S, recently returned from 12 days in FLA, only to be treated to a week of the FLU.


We thank now non-interim Chico City Manager  Dave Burkland for giving us an overview of and some prognosis for the Chico Airport 




Finally, we thank Carol L, Lisa V and Jim R as our greeters and Cindi A for front desk support.