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D.8.1) Rig Test Generator

This code generated automated scripts for testing an aircraft system and the reaction to an engine failure. The distribution of take-off weight (TOW) could be defined by the user, typically to represent that of aircraft in service; a random selection of TOW was made, reflecting the statistical distribution. 

A number of worksheets in the Excel workbook contained the flight planning information from the Flight Crew Operating manual (FCOM) (all entered by hand). A flight plan was planned using VBA, using the same planning process as would be used by the crew to do so. At a random or user-selected time an emergency engine-out descent was included with ETOPS ('Engines Turning Or Passengers Swimming') flight to the destination (assuming that remained the closest airport).

The script(s) generated by the Excel workbook could be used directly by the test rig and could be concatenated for multiple tests.