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H.3) Panoramata

Panoramata - created using PanoramaStudio 1.5

By taking a series of photographs that overlap slightly and where the axis of rotation is as close to the camera sensor as possible, a panorama/360 degree view can be made using PanoramaStudio. It is important to use the same settings on the camera for all shots or there will be variations in brightness.

Most photographs are taken with a Nikon D3000 or D3300.

The higher resolution images can be viewed by clicking on the image - they are not, however, the original resolution that can be of the order of 50,000 pixels wide.

If you have QuickTime and the patience for it to download, an interactive view of the Peak District can be found here.

UK Saabs London to Brighton Run

Dover woods, Angmering Estate

Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor

Petworth Park

Petworth Park

Cowdray House

Herstmonceaux Science Centre

Herstmonceaux Telescope

Aircraft Hall, IAW Duxford

River Arun, Littlehampton

Bignor Hill

Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

Beachy Head

Pevensey Castle

Pevensey Castle

Yew Tree Heath, New Forest

East Beach Café, Littlehampton

Ward Room, HMS Warrior

View from Cathedral, Washington DC

WWII Memorial, Washington DC
(Look closely, you'll see the same person several times!)

Amphitheatre, Arlington Cemetery

Devil's Dyke

Supacat Launcher, Dungeness RLNI

200ft Sound Mirror, Dungeness

Gravel pit, Dungeness

Fountain Court, Hampton Court
Fountain Court, Hampton Court

Hesworth Common

Pevensey Bay

Ashdown Forest

Shingle, Dungeness

Nausicaa, Boulogne


HMS Manchester

Washington Memorial

Arromanche Beach

Arromanche Beach

Point du Hoc

Dieppe Harbour

Canadian Cemetary, Bény-sur-Mer

Back to Blighty

Salisbury Plain

Peak District