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G.6) Kit car


 Engine Rear-mounted 8V 1700cc Alfa Romeo Boxer with twin Dellorto Carbs, mated to VW gearbox, driving rear wheels.
 Body: Ferrari Dino 246 Look-a-bit-like in British Racing Green. A (ahem) 'unique' combination.
 Rear Tyres: 295/40 R15
 Front Tyres: 275/40 R15
 Top Speed: In excess of 130 mph
 Brakes: Disks at front, drums at rear;
 Suspension: Torsion bars at front replaced with coils;

Year of manufacture  cobbling together - 1992
  • Other:
    • Larger diameter anti-roll bar at rear
    • Lowered by 30mm.
  • Cooling System:
    • Austin Maestro Radiator at front, connected to engine by 22mm copper pipe. 
    • Two lorry cooling fans sucking air over radiator and out of bonnet louvres.
  • Other donors:
    • Audi Quattro (windscreen wiper motor);
    • Citroen Visa (Wiper arm);
    • Fiat X19 (fuel filler system);
    • Austin Allegro door handles.
  • At the flick of a switch, four supplementary lamps (2 x 200W driving lamps, 2 x 50 fog lamps) appeared from under front spoiler lip, using Fiat Uno wiper motor and various bits of lawnmower bearings.
  • Drains from bonnet louvres fed to wash/wipe bottle.
Chassis number: HWN161270 - my initials and birthdate;

Total weight: approx 600Kg.

In many, many ways it was pretty horrific, but it was kept me busy and helped me learn a few new skills.