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G.N.2) Bomb Craters?

So, why does West Sussex not appear  to be peppered with bomb craters? Airfields such as Westhampnett (Goodwood), Tangmere and Ford took a hammering in August of 1940 and 'targets of opportunity' were attacked by the Luftwaffe. Yet, I can't remember stumbling into one. So...

A quick creation of a hill-shaded Lidar image, overlaid semi-transparently in Google Earth™...

Nearly nine-hundred points of potential interest were identified. Based on the hill-shading used, these were any features that were darker at the north-west edge and lighter at the south-west edge, as illustrated below.

Using the overlay in GE, these were then categorised as one of the following:


The feature is beyond doubt not a crater, e.g.,;

Farmed Around

The feature exists in open farmland and farming activities work around it, e.g.,:

Fairy Ring

The "fairy ring" features are circular areas that differ from the surrounding surface colour, e.g.,;



These are features to which one of the other categories cannot easily be attributed.

These are features that cannot be seen from the birds-eye view in GE. Unless other features suggest they are importance they have been ignored.

  • Even when minimum smoothing is applied, a data point contrasting with nearby points can cause a 'false' feature;
  • The area is known to include man-made features that date from the present day back to ancient times;
  • It is difficult to disambiguate some features from root-boles, surface mining, etc.,
  • The 'Roman Amphitheatre' and 'Target' shown here were found during this search;
  • No checks have been performed against pre-war maps;
Two possible bombing-runs:


The map below shows the position of the features. It is not possible to include the Lidar image in this map; the raw data is included as an attachment below.

The 'Runs' paths show lines passing through features and that are most likely to be the result of bombs dropped from an aircraft. 

The tickboxes in the panel to the left of the map (click allow you to control what is shown.

Lidar features

KML File