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G.1) "Jolly Stolly"

Statement 1:
I have always wanted an Alvis Stalwart: well, from about four years old anyway. After seeing one at an Army display at Goodwood in the early 70’s the futuristic looking design and apparently unstoppable off-road capabilities kept it in my mental list of ‘top-ten machines’. Alas, the thirst for petrol, the cost of spares and the lack of suitability for paved roads meant that owning one has always been beyond my pocket, though I have acquired several manuals and other bits and pieces over the years.

Statement 2:
Recently our children have expressed a desire for some sort of mechanised transport such as those that many of their peers seem to own. They haven’t pestered, but clearly enjoy using the “kiddie-cars” of their contemporaries when they get the opportunity and always leap on any they see in shops.

Statement 3:
I have often said that I would build A Nice Thing for them when they were four or five years.

Statement 4:
My de facto catchphrase, much dreaded by my family: “I’m not paying that much for that! I could build one of those…”


Its not too speedy, but it has managed to completely flatten a rotary-clothes line, tow my car (just) and tow two kiddie-tractors with adults on. Too much load and things would flex and the chain jump off...

I have written-up plans/manual for building one of these (attached to this page). The designs were generated in 3D CAD:


Hugh Neve,
Mar 29, 2013, 11:35 AM