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I.9.1) Quadcopter Fleet

These are not "drones" but Micro Air Vehicles. Everyone seems to assume that the term 'drone' has something to do with the noise they make: in fact, it originates from a very old program where a biplane was made radio-controlled. This aircraft was named 'Queen Bee' and the 'Drones' were the smaller version that came after her.

The original plan was to design and make a multi-rotor. I got as far as using a Parallax Propeller, a MEMS accelerometer and a Kalman filter object to make an IMU. As fun as this was, the price of off-the-shelf items dropped to the point when it would be foolish to proceed with the homebrew efforts. 

Top row, left to right:
  • Cheerson CX-20 with APM 2.6 autopilot and 433 MHz telemetry
  • Quanum Nova with open-source (APM) autopilot
  • Quanum Nova with open-source (APM) autopilot, upgraded GPS / compass and brushless two-axis camera gimbal.
Bottom row, left to right:
  • Notebook groundstation with 433 MHz telemetry.
  • Hubsan 107C FV
  • Hubsan 104