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I.9.2) Hudl Groundstation

My groundstation of choice is a Tesco Hudl 2. When, prior to release of Hudl 3, these stopped being sold I was able to pick up this one for £35. It runs Android, has a USB port and GPS (In fact I'm starting to prefer it to an iPad). The telemetry is via a pair of 433 MHz 3DR radios exchanging information via MAVlink protocol.

It runs Droidplanner software which not only allows flight data to be displayed to the user but also real-time guided flight via the map interface; the interface allows various types of waypoints to be initiated. This groundstation obviates the need for the remote control unit (but its re-assuring to have one nearby).

The Hudl does not have a 3G / 4G connection and, though Droidplanner can cache maps, a wi-fi link to a 4G capable iPhone allows Droidplanner to updates maps as necessary.

All connections are bidirectional.