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I.7) Ordnance

This page lists some of the (inert) ordnance (and similar) in my possession.

Yes, they do need a polish.

Surprisingly, nobody batted an eyelid when I sent this lot into school with an 11 yr old ...

Mark 10 Break-up Round

(Unscrew the end, put something horrible in it and fire it. When it breaks apart at the target the horrible stuff is released)

WWI German Fuze - Zupp Z92

WWI German Fuze - Zupp Z96


30mm Round from Apache Helicopter

L21A1 Baton Round ("Rubber Bullet")

81mm Mortar Fin

5.56mm Small Arms (SA80)


0.50 Cal

WWII Grenade

88mm Bofors Anti-aircraft 

Vulcan Refuelling Probe

SeaCat Seeker-head

Naval Fuze

.303 Bullet

(See here for background)

WW II 'Window'

30mm Practice Round

Fired Blanks

Retrieved from an area very close to a 'Don't pick anything up, it may kill you' sign. They are, however, all open at the business end.

13.9 (.55") mm Round

1940 AA Fuze


Small they may be, but a couple of thousand of these hurled from a Howitzer could really ruin your day.

30 mm Aden 

Fuze No 101 Mark II