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L) Beach Finds

This page will detail a variety of things found on the beaches of Sussex by me. Including:
  • Two WWII mines
  • Various Echinoids
  • WWII shell
  • WWII bullet
  • Goose barnacles
  • Fossils
  • Bog iron
It will not include:
  • The head of a stag
  • A cow
  • A human pelvis
  • Naval flare
  • A coven of witches (!)
  • WWII sea defences
(upon which I have also stumbled ).

WWII Mines

Sent to play on the beach in 1975 I was found hitting a WWII naval mine with a tin spade to see if it would go off. That, and another found nearby, were subsequently removed and exploded by the Royal Navy.


The flinty beaches of Sussex are not exactly overflowing with echinoids, but stumbling across one is not that uncommon. Echinoids are the 'fossils' of the echinoderms (sea urchins) that lived millions of years ago (see here). The most frequent type found by me are the flint moulds of the inside of the original animal.

A 3D model of an echinoid has been created and shown here.

WWII Shell Case

This appeared amongst the shingle at Pevensey. The 'smart money' is on it being a relic from a WWII aircraft - this was an area where much of the Battle of Britain was fought, each aircraft ejecting hundreds of cartridges.

A 3D model of this has been created and shown here.

WWII Bullet

This was found by the white lines in the middle of Sea Road, Rustington. Jacketed and probably 0.303 it is in quite a state, so probably WWII.

Goose Barnacles

These were found on Littlehampton Beach. Over 3000 miles of drifting across the Atlantic and they end up there...

A 'thing'

Of unknown origin, suggestions include the strainer of a gents urinal or the foot from a 1930's gas cooker.