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E.2.5) Freelander SE

The worst car ever.
  • Pathetic K-series engine with a head that warped within a few thousand miles.
  • Transmission that set front tyres against rear tyres, resulting in a saw-tooth profile to all of the blocks of the tread and the noise that comes with that.
  • Electrics that would fail for no reason.
  • An ABS ECU that would throw a wobbly at random times.
  • Clutch hydraulics that leaked and had to be replaced (with the contaminated clutch) about three times.
  • A wheel bearing that failed twice (I had to rent an accelerometer and a frequency analyser to identify that)
  • A rear window with a mind of its own.
  • Horrible steel wheels.
  • Front discs that warped within a couple of thousand miles of being replaced.
  • A lying, cheating, bulls**ting salesman with all the after care support of British Rail.