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A.B) '02 - '05: Airbus UK

Fuel Systems Engineer (Contract), Airbus UK, Filton

§  A manufacturer of large commercial aircraft.

§  Implementing continuous improvement activities for the fuel system of the A330 / A340 fleet, from requirements-capture through to design, verification and validation.

§  Scoped and managed projects within budgetary and timescale constraints.

§  Liaised with suppliers, customers and other departments to design and certify the necessary modifications.

§  Provided operational support for customer airlines on a day-to-day basis.

§  Defined requirements for flight tests and analysis of data from testing.

§  Generated specifications for test equipment and test procedures.

§  Provided internal technical support to develop FHAs and review FMEAs.

§  Brought direct experience of the product and its operational context to the company.

§  Modelled and simulated systems, concepts and components, often from first principles.

§  Proposed and implemented research topics.

§  Presented ‘The View of an End User’ presentation to yearly maintainer training course.