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A.C) '00 - '02: Virgin Atlantic

Flight Information Analyst, Virgin Atlantic Engineering Ltd, Gatwick

  • Large UK airline.
  • Considered a 'floating resource' between Engineering and Flight Operations.
  • Provided technical management for the flight data recording devices and datalink systems for a fleet of twenty-six long-haul aircraft.
  • Oversaw long-term strategic planning and integration of activities involving data from aircraft, such as condition monitoring and flight crew performance tracking.
  • Fulfilled immediate demands for data with timely readout and analysis of flight recorders and other devices.
  • Supported incident investigations.
  • Provided 24-hour data-analysis support for incidents and technical troubleshooting.
  • Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) put in place, writing software from scratch where necessary.
  • Developed user-navigable ‘virtual aircraft’.
  • Support provided to Flight Ops Quality Assurance (FOQA) activities.
  • Represented the company at industry events.
  • Provided advice and opinions to other airlines.
  • Also project-managed ad hoc tasks which did not naturally fall within the remit of other groups or departments, including:
    • Effects of natural radiation on aircraft systems and passengers
    • Technical support to atmospheric research activities
    • Handling of technical / bizarre questions sent to the airline or directly to the Chairman.