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F.2) Fletcher ('02 - '03)

This 13 ft long Fletcher speedboat which was bought for a few hundred pounds as my 'winter project' for the winter of 2002/2003. The aim of this 'project' was to have a safe, reliable boat, in good condition that can be used by the family on the River Arun and in the sea locally.When it was bought it had been moored at Newhaven for a while and was in need of a 'tidy up' and some work on the engine. The price was relatively low because the engine was "stuck in gear" and there was "an ignition problem" that was preventing the engine from starting. Having gone through the pa-lava of having to change a 2" ball hitch for a 50 mm one, away from home and without any tools, (a long story) it was towed back home and work started.


I would like to say that I rigorously followed a thoroughly planned detailed schedule of work, and that I had a A1 size Gantt chart pinned to the wall of the garage. This would, however, mean breaking the habits of a lifetime, so I worked on things in a vaguely logical order with a few excursions to: relieve boredom; whilst waiting for spares; or just going off on a tangent as I am prone to do.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, lots of welding, painting, spraying, sanding, grinding, machining, polishing, upholstering, drilling, swearing, scraping, sewing, cutting, fixing turned the above into this, fitted with GPS and fishfinder, revcounter and coolant temp gauges....


The respray in Rover (remember them?) pearlescent Nightfire Red was performed in a garage that was about 6" longer than the boat and using 'rattle-can' spray paint.