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F.6.1) Hydraulic Pump

The outboard leg is raised and lowered by a hydraulic ram: a pump provides pressure to lift the leg; a return valve allows fluid to return from the ram to the reservoir. Although the leg can be tilted up at low engine speeds when in shallow water it is not a trim mechanism: it is usually fully up or fully down.

The original hydraulic pack was getting a bit old, noisy and took ages (almost a minute) to raise the leg. People asking if I "had trouble getting it up?" didn't help.

Original pump, sans reservoir

The replacement is a DEL 12V Powerpack, usually used to power the tail-lifts of vans. It has a 1.5 litre reservoir, return valve and can run at up to 220 bar, though for this use the regulator plug was wound fully-in to give the minimum pressure it can deliver. £600 - £700 new, this power pack was used and cost £100 - 

DEL Powerpack (not to same scale)

An adaptor hose was made by IES Ltd and including a restrictor with a 1.0 mm orifice to slow down movement - a lot.

Hose (not to same scale)

Gearbox goes up; gearbox goes down...