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F.6) Invicta Jupiter

Firstly, a confession: the photos on this page have been blatantly borrowed from the previous owner (sorry, Mike!).

The previous owner had put a lot of time, skill and money into the restoration of this boat. Built in 1972, the BMW Jupiter 5.0 was a version of Invicta Boats Ltd's outboard-powered Jupiter. BMW were, as you might say, 'putting a toe in the water' of boating and boats, fitting a 2.0 Litre, 130 hp, M10 engine mated with a ZF-style gearbox and leg.

These photographs were provided by the seller when I purchased the boat:


The original Pierburg 2BE carb was very intricate but tricky to set up. That fitted to this boat had started to leak fuel into one of the venturis - the mixture was sufficiently rich that no choke was required when starting.

The Pierburg carb and filter was chucked away and a Weber 32/34 DMTL fitted in it's place. I'm not entirely sure of the necessity of an air filter on a boat but a Ram Air foam filter was fitted, together with a crank-case breather filter.

A filter/water-separator protects the carb.

First trip: 35 mph but too much nose-down trim....

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