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F.4.7) Tightening Flywheel

This is going to start with a 'don't try this at home' statement. If you try it, take care and I won't accept any responsibility for injury or damage...

The flywheel is a tapered fit on the crankshaft. The axial force applied by the crankshaft nut keeps the two together. This requires the nut to be very tight - 116 lb.ft to be exact.

A proper flywheel loosening / tightening tool screws into two of the three holes in the flywheel and can be used to secure the flywheel whilst the nut is tightened. Unfortunately, these are as rare as rocking-horse poo and closely guarded by those that have them. Borrowing one on a Sunday afternoon is more-or-less impossible.

My Heath-Robinson approach was to tighten a loop of ratchet-clamp webbing around the teeth of the flywheel, leading the rest of the webbing off at a tangent to the flywheel and securing it to an 'immovable object' (a downpipe!).