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F.4.5) Engine Hood

The hood of the engine had seen better days. It had been transported in the back of cars, lent up against pebble-dashed walls, etc and generally battered.


It was decided to leave the decals alone: they were in good nick, would probably be a pain to remove and even more difficult to put replacements on (if replacements could be sourced. Flaking paint was picked / brushed / prodded off and all dents, scratches and chips filled with car body filler. Sanding with progressively finer wet-and-dry paper was balanced with more filler where the need arose. Sanding stopped at 800 grit: to go further might prevent the paint from keying.

With the decals masked-off the hood was given three coats of Mariner Grey spray-paint from a rattle-can and, after ten days or so, a final rub down with 1200 grit wet-and-dry paper prior to two coats of clear lacquer.

Not perfect, but better than it was.