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F.4.1) Collection


The boat was on a shingle ridge, approximately one third of a mile from the nearest usable exit/entry point. 

This is the picture I sent via MMS to my wife "I am on the beach!". Her reply was "Great. Send me a picture when my car is OFF the beach."

With the permission of the Environment Agency I drove along the shingle ridge - in first gear (high ratio) with the centre diff locked and at a steady speed. All of the wheels were effectively travelling 'uphill', trying to overcome the mole-hill they created in front of themselves.

With the trailer unhitched, a three-point turn was the next tricky bit - there isn't a lot of steering authority on shingle and the car did start to dig in at each movement.

Having re-hitched it, the tyres on the trailer were deflated until they were almost completely flat. It was the extra drag of a loaded trailer that could have proven tricky, causing the wheels of the car to dig in . If I did this again I would replace the wheels of the trailer with some plywood skids.

Time to breathe a sigh of relief.

I would particularly like to thank the middle-aged man who thought it would be a good idea to cross the road by stepping over the drawbar of the trailer as I started to pull away from the Thomas A' Becket traffic lights. You very nearly earned a Darwin Award.