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F.4) RIB

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This Selva 350 console RIB was bought new by my parents and has been in the family ever since. Sadly, it only gets used a few times a year - although trips have included journeys to the Sovereign light platform. It is reasonably quick, able to deal with lumpy seas and frugal on fuel. It has been to Beachy Head, Royal Sovereign Light Platform, etc.,.

The hull is really a shallow 'Vee' but this has been useful dragging it up and down a steep shingle beach (also here) since it sat happily on inflatable rollers without wanting to tip either side. 

When my previous boat came to the end of its economically-viable life, I was offered this in order that it got some TLC and use.The two conditions were:
  • Occasional use by my parents.
  • I had to collect it...