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F.1) Boat Safety

This is a very quick decomposition of events that could possibly lead to a boat equipped with a single outboard drifting after a failure.

The lessons from this are:
  • Check and replace plugs regularly
  • Replace gearbox oil regularly
  • Use a fuel filter / water separator
  • Use a fuel reserve - "On third there, one third back, and one third reserve" is a good guide.
  • Carry spare fuses
  • Use fuel from different sources in different tanks
  • Use good quality oil.
On the assumption that something could fail:
  • Have a VHF radio
  • Carry a waterproof handheld VHF radio on lifejacket
  • Use kill-cord
  • Carry a flare
  • Carry an anchor
  • Carry spare fuses
  • Make sure the bilge-pump works