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Individual Sponsorship

Become an Individual Laughing Eyes Kennel Sponsor!
From $ 50.00- $ 1,000.00
Sponsorships of any amount are greatly appreciated here at Laughing Eyes Kennel.  All sponsors will be announced on our facebook site, unless otherwise specified.
Thank You for helping us have a great racing season this winter!



Official Race Sponsorship

Become an Official Race Sponsor!   $5,000
 Benefits include: Promotion on the website with logo, write-up and link to site. Promotion of your product/company and displaying of logo wear at public events. Two tickets to either the Iditarod start banquet or one of the Yukon Quest Banquets, a dog sled ride and a signed autograph.



Lead Dog Sponsorship

Become a Lead Dog Sponsor!   $2,000.
Benefits include: A Dog sled ride/Kennel tour for two, signed autographed copy of Hugh's book, "Tails of the Gypsy Musher, Alaska and Beyond.

Walter's Warrior Sponsorship

Become a Walters Warriors Sponsor!  1,000.00
Benefits include: A signed copy of Hugh's book, a Kennel tour for two.