Hugh Kennedy


Who I Am 

I work in financial markets, primarily as a kind of plumber, sorting out the technology that help people exchange and keep track of money and financial instruments. Like a real plumber, I've a certain amount of experience and have some knowledge of the 'stuff'' passing through the pipes. As a job, it is probably more interesting than some, taking me to places far and near.


I like to travel, which is good because my job frequently takes me far from home, but I also like to come back to my family. Luckily, although I have to travel often, I usually don 't have to stay away for more than a few days at a time.


I live with my family in Germany. A bit strange, perhaps for a Brit married to a Russian but the lifestyle is good and it was where I was based when we first met.

Before Banking  - What I did before entering banking

Making Markets - Constructing new markets

Contacting Me:

With Skype: HughAJK

Via Mobile:  +49 173 6560208