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 Introduction to my Webquest.....

December 9, 1941

 The United States Government Wants You

Help Wanted!!! We need you, and as soon as possible! Any available nurses are desperately needed. We will pay for airfare, we will pay for where you stay, we will even pay for your meals-sounds great right? So you must be thinking, we are probably sending you to some desolate location like Iowa , oh no folks, we are sending you to the beautiful island of Hawaii . There is only one catch; you may lose your life, never see your loved ones again, and begin to see what full warfare looks like. So, can we sign you up? 


This webquest puts students into the role of a nurse during the time of WWII, more specifically at Pearl Harbor, right in the action. Each student will need to do a little research by looking at videos, pictures, and websites to get a better understanding of what was going on during the time of Pearl Harbor and the important role nurses played.


You can view my webquest here!



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