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I really enjoyed this project. I believe as a student you take advantage of all the neat awards, posters, and projects teachers give to you. I never realized the work and effort that went into the creation of what I thought of as a simple thing like a vocabulary award. The most time consuming project for me was the brochure. Thinking not only of creative things to write about, but also being creative in making the finished product look asthetically pleasing was a challenge. I enjoyed making the calender trying to incorporate ideas I read in Standards for eighth graders. Standards had stated that at this age, students are very aware of themselves and other classmates, being very self involved. With this knowledge I put pictures of eighth grade students on the actual calender, with the thought that they would probably want to read it each week not only to get their assignments, but also to see if they were on the calender. The business cards were probably the easiest and least time consuming of the project. However, I think they will be the most useful to me in the future. What a wonderful and practical way to present yourslef as a professional and give out important contact information.



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A really cool way for students to use the computer for learning vocabulary is called "Vocabulary Blast" found at Basically the students use online sources to look up definitions to vocabulary words given to them by the teacher. After looking up the words they would use powerpoint to make flashcards so that they would be able to quiz themselves and master the vocab. This type of activity would still require a teacher to generate the words and help the kids understand the definitions in case any questions arrive. However, by having them look up the definitions online and then create flashcards themselves, they will be seeing the vocab more and more. The more times they see the word and definition, the more it will stick! 


Another great way for students to utilize technology is in a lesson called "Celebrate the U.S.A" found at This lesson uses both Excel and Word. Basically the teacher would assign a team of students different states. Then the teams would research that state and construct a brochure with charts and graphs to promote a person to move there. Not only is research involved in this lesson, but also understanding and using the tools in both Excel and Word to generate and analyze data. 


Lastly, the lesson "Personal Best" found at, is a great way to teach students how to create their own web pages. The student picks one thing they would like to improve on and writes about it on an online journal. You could even take this lesson a step further and create a way for the student to graph their progress in excel. This is not only developing language and writing skills, but also gives them the ability to make their own web pages and see how successful they were with their goals!



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