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Using technology to enhance reading

I am incredibly proud of the game I created in Power Point. “The Adventure of Saving Muff Potter,” puts the students into a heroic position, avoiding danger from the nasty Injun Joe and eventually saving Muff Potter who has been wrongfully accused of murder. By answering questions the students are able to advance closer and closer to the courthouse, where they must present “Token” questions they have recorded to Judge Thatcher in order to determine whether or not they will save Muff.


The standards tell me that eighth grade English is a time for students to analyze novels more in depth, try to understand what the author is trying to say, look at vocabulary, quotations, and themes more closely than they had been doing. My game really does tie all these elements together. While I do have some factual based questions, I also have questions that make the students really think about the book and what Twain was trying to say. For example, one question asks, “There are many aspects to the character of Tom Sawyer. He can be especially sweet and noble, like when he told the truth to save Muff Potter, but he can also be bad and cause people who love him grief, like when he saw that his aunt was grieving over his dead body but he did not give her any clue he was alright. In this respect, how are Tom and Huck alike?” This is a comparison question about the two characters personalities. This makes the students really think about the book!


Overall, I think creating Power Point Games for students is incredibly beneficial to their overall learning. Of course, the students would probably get more out of the games if they were creating the questions themselves, but that is always a possibility as well!


Here is my game if you would like to play!



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Power Point Game