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Having been in over seven different school systems by the time I was nine has given me a very unique view of the educational system.  Growing up with a family that has moved so much has given me a strong outgoing personality, and the advantage of experiencing multiple forms of teaching. I began my college career at Western Michigan University, but after my first bitter cold winter I decided the south was the place for me. I have settled at the University of Georgia ( where I hope to obtain a degree in Middle School Education with an emphasis in math and English.  

I have an amazing family that supports me in my constant new adventures. My father is a Region Director at Volkswagen of America, while my mother is a homemaker.  My older sister, Shannon, graduated from University of Michigan and is now working for Volkswagen Credit.  

After graduating from college I hope to move out west. California would be the ideal place for me to live. There is something special about a state where you can be skiing down a snow-laced mountain then, a couple of hours later, be at a beach ready to catch the next monsterous wave! 

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