Why Math?  Y0

As a math professor, I am often asked one of two questions: "When am I going to use this?!" (when won't you!) and "What can you do with a math major besides teach?" (anything you want, its true!).  Here is an attempt to provide links to resources on the web that explain the answers to these questions in a more complete way than I can explain in class! 

If you know of resources let me know, if any of the links are broken, please send me an email so I can update the site!

Career Profiles of Math Majors
(That's right you can do a lot more than teach!)

Career Profiles (Math majors profiling their careers in, well, everything! Law, Biology, Sales, Engineering the list is endless--seriously awesome link)

Careers That Use Mathematics

We Use Math (Look under "careers", the other links have cool stuff too!)

When and How Math Is Used in "Real Life"

Why Do Math?
Math at Pixar (Fun stuff!)