Math 254
Tentative Schedule

Week of October 24th
 In Class  
  • Test 2 Section 6
  • In Class Quiz
  • Section 6 Homework
  • Test 2 Section 7
  • Section 7 Homework


  • In Class Review for Test on Monday
  • Study for Test 2--Covers all Sections

 Upcoming Quizzes and Tests

  • Monday, October 24th--Quiz on Sections 1-4
  • Monday, October 31st--Test on all sections
Course Material
The course material provided here is subject to these terms of use.

Test 2 Notes    Test 2 Homework
Test 1 Notes    Test 1 Homework

The Notes provided here are new and subject to typos and errors, I will update them as soon as I can as we go through the semester.  The homework sets have been used for a while, but may still contain the occasional typo or error.

Course Handouts


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