Math 150 - Calculus I - 5 units (Fall semester)
Math 151 - Calculus II - 4 units (Spring semester)

Math 254 - Linear Algebra - 3 units (Fall semester)
Math 245 - Discrete Mathematics - 3 units (Spring semester)
Math 252 - Calculus III - 4 Units (Spring semester)
Ask which Spring semester class you will be taking!

You can order Mesa transcripts online, you will need you Mesa ID which I provided for you at the beginning of the school year.  There is a link to the left "Transcripts" that will take you to the necessary page.

Whether or not Mesa transcripts are required with your college application or for a mid-year report depends on the school to which you are applying.  Call or email them to find out.

Letters of Recommendation

It is my pleasure to provide letters of recommendation for college or internships. Here are some guidelines:
  • Please ask early in the semester if you anticipate needing a letter for college/internships/scholarships.
  • If I have not written a letter for you before I need at least two weeks notice, plan accordingly based on application deadlines.
  • If I have written a letter before, sufficient time should still be given to meet deadlines (i.e. not the day before it is due and not the day before an extended school break).
  • If your high school subscribes to the common app process then I can submit applications online--if they use Naviance (or something like it) I need to submit everything by mail in which case:
    • Please bring stamped and addressed envelopes and indicate the deadline for submission. (One stamp for a regular sized envelope, two for an envelope that is 8.5x11)
    • For Common App schools, please bring one copy of the Common App Teacher Evaluation form.  I will then make the necessary copies to complete all of your applications (this is allowed, no worries!!).
  • I will only provide a letter of recommendation if you waive FERPA rights.
  • Letters for scholarships/college applications/internships etc. will only be provided if I can send them directly and they remain confidential.  No exceptions.
  • Letters for Scholarships will only be provided for outside organizations; not for scholarships awarded through the high school.
  • While I realize deciding what schools to apply to will take time, please give me as much advanced notice as possible.