MATH 150--Calculus--University City
Tentative Schedule

Week of September 7th
 In Class  
  • No Class--Labor Day

  • Review Section 1
  • Section 1 Homework
  • Make sure you have your Mesa ID#
  • If  you never registered with Mesa, click on "Mesa Application" in the sidebar
  • If you did register and forgot your ID, click on "Forgot your CSID?"
  • Have you ID # for class tomorrow
  • Review Section 2
  • Mesa Enrollment
  • Section 2 Homework
  • Get your yellow sheet signed (this counts as a double weighted homework assignment!!)
  • Review Section 3
  • Section 3 Homework
  • If you didn't get your yellow sheet signed, get it to me by Friday!!!

  • Review Section 4
  • Section 4 Homework

 Upcoming Quizzes and Tests

Dates subject to change.  Changes will be noted here and announced in class.
  • Thursday, September 17th--Quiz on Review and Test 1 sections 1-2
  • Tuesday, September 22nd--Quiz on Sections 3-4
  • Friday, September 25th--Quiz on Sections 5-7
  • Tuesday, September 29th--Test 1--Covers all sections
Course Material
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Review Notes    Review Homework

The Notes provided here are new and subject to typos and errors, I will update them as soon as I can as we go through the semester.  The homework sets have been used for a while, but may still contain the occasional typo or error.

Course Handouts

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