Hello everyone.  This site is primarily for those of the Huggins, Whitaker, Doyle, Doran, Watson, Dugan, and other affiliated family and friends.  This is the Huggz cafe because I started off life as a Huggins, and while this collection was originally started to prepare for the Whitaker-Huggins wedding in July 2009, the date of the wedding moved up a year to July 2008.  So, I'm going with my maiden name.  Besides, I couldn't think of anything to incorporate both Huggins and Whitaker. 

As of September 8, 2010, I've finally finished adding all the recipes everyone has sent me - I figured I should finish this little project before the baby came.  We have everything from breads to dinners, desserts, sides, and more.  If you wish to add something to the collection, as I know that some family members still have not gone through the recipe collections they are holding on to, please e-mail me at sara.whitak3r@gmail.com

Also, as I find recipes that I enjoy or that are my own invention, I will add them to this site as well.  For those of you who also like to do something similar, please feel free to e-mail me the recipes and I will add them.  After all, we're family and we likely have a similar taste in food.

At some point, as I go through and prepare these dishes, I hope to photograph what I make so that I can add them to the recipes.  That way, those of us who have never made the recipe before know what it is "supposed" to look like.  Looks don't guarantee taste, but some people are a little more visual than others.  However, it my tiny Japanese apartment, I am limited in my ability to make some of these dishes.  So, if anyone would like to help out with this project, please e-mail me the photos at the above e-mail address.