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What is this?

We are a team of 4th and 5th graders who meet weekly to practice solving challenging math problems and logic puzzles, and use these skills to compete in several math contests throughout the year.

The contests are an important way to test our growing skills, but are not the primary emphasis. We're mainly here to learn and to enjoy the process of learning, working both individually and in small teams. 

We are sorry, sign-ups are now closed!

Fall 2017 Calendar

Practices are on Tuesdays after school from 2:50 - 4:15 pm. The room location is TBD.

These dates may be subject to change.
  • Thu Aug 17 - Registration opened
  • Tue Sept 5 - Registration closes
  • Sun Sept 10 - Last acceptance notifications sent / roster finalized
  • Tue Sept 19 - First practice
  • Mon Sept 25 - Mandatory parent meeting 8:00 pm Room 16

We then meet every Tuesday, except holidays and minimum days, until April or May.

Who are we?

Hello! I'm Kevin Bourrillion. I was a Huff parent (of Ellie and Joanna Ragsdale) for 7 years. I started the current Math Olympiad program at Huff in 2012, so this is my 6th consecutive year coaching it. By day, I'm a software engineer at Google, where I work on Java infrastructure. In my school days I competed in numerous math contests, and made it to the 1992 USA Mathematical Olympiad. I didn't win it :-) but the real point is: in the years since, my love for solving these kinds of problems never seemed to go away. This team gave me the opportunity to get back into math and puzzles again, and it's been a great delight.

Huff parent Aisha Rengan is co-coaching for her second year and has just been asked for a bio. :-)


Please email any questions to huff-math-olympiad-coaches@googlegroups.com.