My name is Scott Hudson, I teach 3 World History and 3 Government Classes at Wooster, hence the name of the site.

The main purpose of Word history class is to help the students understand and navigate the independence that is growing in the modern world. This one-year class will provide students with a comprehensive survey of world history that will help in understanding the events of today. Knowledge of one’s past and a sense of one’s place is fundamental to the development of responsible citizenship. The lens of history allows students to investigate events, issues, and personalities from multiple perspectives by interpreting and evaluating a variety of sources. In addition, today’s global society requires students to understand not only the significance of the past, but how history connects to their community, state, nation, and world

Course Objectives

·        Define, describe and summarize key locations, people, terms and events that have shaped the world in which we live.  This      knowledge will incorporate the five themes of geography. 

·        Analyze geographic data and differentiate between causes and effects.

·        Analyze, compare and contrast geographic interpretations.

·        Assess and evaluate geographic trends over time.

·        Assess and weigh evidence to reach conclusions based on fact.

·        Form and defend opinions on modern social, political, environmental, and global issues

The Government class is a one-year survey in civics with minors in economics, history and geography. Instruction will provide students with a basic understandilng of political philosophy, politics and government, and how democracy is maintained in an increasingly diverse society. Democracy does not simply exist, it is participatory. Therefore, students will be required to participate in out of class enrichment activities such as public meetings and community service projects.

Course Objectives

·        Define and describe the foundations, development, and features of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

·        Analyze how media, interest groups, and political parties serve as institutions to connect people to government.

·        Investigate how political values, attitudes, and behaviors are learned, and expressed.

·        Describe the operation of a political campaign, types of elections, and the factors that affect election outcomes.

·        Investigate the structure, functions, and operations of the institutions of government.

·        Study and evaluate how civil liberties and civil rights protect both the individuals and categories of people.

·        Understand Personal Financial decisions and how different outcomes are possible.


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    When you turn in your Assignments use this naming convention

    Period assignment abbreviation lastname firstname  

    6th period renppt hernandez juanita

    so far we have the Renaissance Power Point         renppt
    and the Renaissance Choice Projects                    renchoice

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    DBQ Howto Video

    Link to a site that has published our Textbook for World History

    Link to the WorldBook Encyclopedia.

    Focus questions

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