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Welcome to the Hudson Valley Windsurfers!
We are a non-profit, non-commercial organization dedicated to windsurfing in the mid Hudson Valley. Our primary sailing area extends from roughly New York City and Cornwall-on-Hudson in the south to North Germantown in the north. On any weekend when the wind blows, someone will probably be sailing at either Kingston Point Park or Rider Park.

READ ME! If you are thinking of going out on the Hudson, it is important to your life to understand several natural factors that make the Hudson River unique:
  1. Tide: The Hudson River is a tidal river which means it can flow two directions. (click here for tides)
  2. Current: As it is a river, there is a constant current toward the sea. (click here for current tables)
  3. Wind direction: (click here for wind forecast)
  4. Water temperature: (click here for water temperature)
  5. Man made: Boats, navigation traffic, both large and small. Know who has the right of way but always avoid even if "you're right".
Check your launch point and know these factors. If the tide is going out and the current is high, this can cause a very dangerous fast flowing water. And ALWAYS let someone know when you plan to be on the water and when you plan to return.

Photo by Rick Cronk

Photo by Rick Cronk

What we do
  • We organize windsurfing trips all over the East Coast. Trips in the past have included:
    • Long Beach Island, NJ
    • Lakes Bay, NJ
    • Cape Cod, MA
    • Fogland, RI
    • Lake Champlain
    • Cape Hatteras, NC
  • We maintain a members-only email list (reflector) on Hudson Valley Windsurfers (mostly north of Cornwall) and Hudson River Windsurfers (Mostly south of Cornwall).
  • HVW was instrumental in organizing and raising funds for the recent installation of three iWindsurf wind meters on the Hudson River.

Photo by Rick Cronk
Iggy Windsurfing on ice

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