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To  understand the meaning of a PRACTICA it's matter and what to expect from it we must understand the "MILONGA" concept as well.

A Milonga is an Argentine Tango social dance. Being Tango a cultural dance it embraces some codes and ways that are universal known among tangueros making the interaction between dancers much pleasant, safe and joyful, preventing them from misunderstandings or awkwardness.
It's also necessary for the leader to know he must dance always counterclockwise respecting the flow and direction of the dance,  by maintaining a pace and recurring to simple patterns specially when the dance floor is crowded in order to keep everyone safe and happy while dancing.
The dance music will consist of tango, vals and milonga. Each is a different dance form within the family of Argentine tango. The music is typically played in tandas (sets) with three or four songs per tanda. By custom, the music within a given tanda will be of the same genre. Between tandas, there are short interludes of non-tango music known as "cortinas". The cortina is a customary time to cross few words with your dance partner, walk off the floor or change partners if wished.
Dress code, usually is very elegant, avoiding sneakers, sporting cloths and jeans when possible but it depends on each Milonga, Tango community and organizer.
A "practica" is an informal event where one can practice how to dance at a Milonga. The floorcraft and music protocols for practicas are relaxed. Specifically, it is okay and acceptable to impede the flow along the line of dance within reason to work on a particular movement. It is also okay to stop and discuss what is and isn't working—to the limits your partner accepts. In addition, the music probably won't be played in tandas with cortinas.
Practicas provide invaluable opportunities to apply what you've learned in classes and  workshops and to enhance your enjoyment of dancing at milongas. Whether working on your own,  exchanging advice and questions with other dancers, or taking advantage of the instructors who are present and available, the practica is where you have the time and space to refine your techniques, try new ones and generally expand your ability. These spaces are created to support Tangueros/as on their dance journey, giving room to experience and learn with joy, increasing their confidence and ultimately enhancing their leading and following skills.
 Listen to tango music HERE.