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  • *Workman Compensation/ Civil Litigation Suits* Are you being sued by a worker or someone claiming an injury at your expense,  and believe them to be a fraud? Do you need to prove they are less than truthful and able bodied? please give us a call.
  • *Infidelity Investigations* We treat each client as if they are our only one.  We know you are going through a difficult time if you need our services in regards to such a delicate matter as relationship fidelity.  We will attempt to make the process as painless as possible, and be extremely discreet in our services. A rule of thumb in infidelity cases is to catch the subject and third party at least two to three times to establish a pattern of conduct.
  • *Background Searches* Depending on what is required, we search for criminal records and or assets on individuals and business’ involving employment, business ownership, property, bank accounts, motor vehicles, judgments, etc. This may also be used for divorce proceedings, civil judgments, etc. 
  • *Accident Investigations* Automobile accident liability claims investigation.  Insurance claims that are based on liability for an automobile accident require an investigation into negligence. Determining the causes of an accident follows the detailed investigation. The goal of this analysis is to determine how much the negligence of any party contributed to the accident. This portion of fault then becomes the basis of the liability claim. To determine the liability, the accident usually needs to be reconstructed, based on the evidence found in the investigation.


Our executive and senior staff include New York based investigation and security professionals, with a network of local contacts and long-term local relationships that ensure our ability to know the environment and context of the case, understand the people involved, and resolve the situations we are retained to investigate, and to protect.

We are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated personnel from all ranks and expertise with vast knowledge in many fields. These resources and our commitment to customer service provide our clients with cost effective and well managed investigations. We are proud of our a outstanding reputation and our roster of loyal clients *Domestic Cases* • Think your spouse is unfaithful? Call Us! • Are you a parent concerned about the person your son or daughter is dating? Call Us! We can provide the peace of mind, security, and comfort that you need.









 We perform an investigation that will give you the satisfaction and comfort that you are searching for. Evidence will be obtained by either video or still photo surveillance, supplemented by written reports of the activity observed to substantiate them, and if needed to present in a Court of Law.