Small Business Solutions

Hudson Street Partners is dedicated to providing sound financial products and services to our clients.

Businesses inherently have a complex financial situation. Hudson Street Advisors will be constantly available to address the firm's evolving needs. More and more small businesses are finding that having a detailed financial understanding of their company is key to sustaining - and growing in their respective industries.

Our services are intended to give our clients a clear understanding of their firm's finances. We will consolidate all of your financial information into easy-to-understand, customizable reports. We will send you:
  • Real-time Financial Reporting
  • Comprehensive monthly reports
  • 360 degree financial review™
  • Detailed budget analysis
  • Quarter- and Year-end reviews
We have pioneered the idea to offer sound financial advice to Small Business through our 360 degree financial review™. The 360 degree financial review™ product offering is best in class providing back office and accounting solutions for our clients. We will aggregate your financial data and send you:
  • Expense Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Enhanced accounting reports

Each case is different, and your account manager will work with you to determine which combination of services will suit your firm's needs.

We aim to help you make smart financial decisions. Operating without timely and clear information is not sound.

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