About Us

The state of Massachusetts responds to emergencies with both a statewide and local organizations.  Massachusetts Emergency Management Administration (MEMA) is responsible for responding statewide as well as to local situations.

Hudson Disaster Animal Response Team (Hudson DART) is a local volunteer organization operating under the auspices of the Town of Hudson Board of Health and the Town of Hudson Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) to prepare and assist pet owners in case of emergencies when they need to evacuate their homes with their pets.  We are affiliated with State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (SMART)  http://www.smartma.org to enable us to respond to more extended emergencies requiring more facilities or volunteers that we can provide.

The Hudson MRC is part of the MRC Region 4A  which in turn is part of the United States Medical Reserve Corps, incorporated in 2002.  This organization operates all over he United States and provides local response in emergencies.  Region 4A is located west of Boston and links several area communities see map MRC Region 4A.  In Hudson, as well as in most other communities, the Fire Chief is the local Emergency Management Director (EMD).

Become a Volunteer
Hudson DART is currently looking for more volunteers.  Think you might be interested?  Our Volunteer Information page describes the qualities that we seek in volunteers and explains the training that we provide and require.