Final Report to the School Committee and Superintendent
This is a link to a good article from the Sunday 3/25/12 MetroWest Daily News about full-day Kindergarten.

Full-time kindergarten is an investment

Source: metrowestdailynews.com

Full-day kindergarten has evolved from a rarity to the norm in Massachusetts public schools over the past decade, reflecting the needs of working parents and also evidence that the extra time in school is crucial to a child’s development. In 2000, less than a third of kindergartners attended full-day programs, according to the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This year, 83 percent of Bay State kindergarten students are enrolled in full-day classrooms.



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We realize that many people have questions regarding the district's transition to a K-4 school culture and full-day kindergarten. In order to provide a forum for people to ask their questions and get the answers (if we have them), we have created an elementary transition email account. Please email us with any comments, concerns, ideas, or questions that you may have. We will check our mailbox at least once a week. For those questions that come up frequently we will create a FAQ section for this website.
Full-Day Kindergarten Interest Survey Results
Click on the link below to view the presentation of the data gathered from the full-day kindergarten interest survey. Thank-you to all of the families who took time to participate. Full-Day Kindergarten Interest Survey Results


Superintendent's Charge to the Committee

The opening of the new David J Quinn Middle School in September 2013 will be a historic moment for the Town of Hudson as well as the realization of a decade-long dream. Planning for what the new Middle School will look like and how students and classrooms will be organized has been in progress for several years.

September 2013 will also be historic in terms of the change for our elementary schools. It is time to plan for these changes and the new opportunities that have been anticipated for a decade. The opportunity to offer full day kindergarten for the first time must be a major consideration. The significance of the changes required by the 5th grade moving to the new middle school and the relocation of kindergarten classes should not be underestimated. This transition now lies only twenty months away.  Effective planning is needed to help ensure that we make good decisions about locating classrooms and programs; that we maximize opportunities to offer more to our students, and that we use our facilities effectively to best support student learning. We must have the right staffing for each school and we must be able to transport students effectively and efficiently in the new design. We must also be able to understand the budgetary impacts of this transition.

I am charging the Committee with the development of a comprehensive set of recommendations to be presented no later than mid- June 2012. A presentation of the Committee’s recommendations is planned for the June 26, 2012 meeting of the School Committee.  The Committee’s recommendations are advisory to the Superintendent and I will rely heavily on your deliberations and recommendations for my final recommendation of a transition plan to the School Committee. It is important that budget implications be part of this plan. I ask the Committee to finalize its report no later than mid-October 2012 as the Hudson School Committee develops a school budget for fiscal 2014.

 I am very grateful to the 35+ members of this committee that have committed themselves to being part of this historic planning effort. This work will have a long-lasting impact on the success of our District and on the quality of the learning experience for each of our students.

Research on Full-Day Kindergarten
Here is a link to some research articles on full-day kindergarten

Committee Meeting Dates and Times  

 December 15, 2011     4:00-6:00 PM     HHS F101
January 26, 2012         4:00-6:00 PM    HHS F101
Febraury 16, 2012        4:00-6:00 PM    HHS F101
March 7, 2012                4:00-6:00 PM    HHS F101
April 25, 2012          4:00-6:00 PM    HHS G101
May 31, 2012           4:00-6:00 PM    HHS F101
June 6, 2012              4:00-6:00 PM    HHS F101  
Task Forces
Transportation and Enrollment
Administrative Contact:   
Patricia  Lange               
Staffing and Budget
Administrative Contact:                
Charlene Cook                  
Academic Programs and Curriculum
Administrative Contact:                
Sharon B. MacDonald   
Administrative Contact:               
Len Belli                                   
Culture and Traditions
Administrative Contact:               
Mary McCarthy