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Naturalization and Probate

The following was submitted by a gentleman who has used the Hudson County Clerk's office and his suggestions on obtaining records. Thank you to Frank Fusiak:

NATURALIZATION RECORDS - Phone: (201) 795-5678

Naturalization Records from 1840 to 1989 can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of Hudson County. To request a Naturalization Record Search you must send a written request and include the following information:

The full name, date, and place of birth of the Naturalized Person
The names of his/her spouse and children
The approximate date of his/her immigration to the United States
The approximate date of his/her Naturalization or filing of his/her first paper
Any other name(s) he/she may have used
His/Her address at the time of Naturalization

This written request, along with a $3.00 search fee (money order only made payable to "Clerk of Hudson County") should be mailed to:

Office of the Clerk of Hudson County
Division of Passports
595 Newark Avenue, Suite 407A
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Once the record(s) is found, an additional $2.00 per page copy fee will be charged to the requestor. A request for a letter of verification is $5.00, and a request for the certification of documents is $10.00 per document.