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The contacts on the list below have volunteered to do limited lookups from source materials they have in their possession. If you would like to volunteer, let me know.

As new volunteers come forward, I will add them to the list below.
Contact Source Material
 Karl Gansberg
[email address confirmed 10/2011]

Karl has the following yearbooks for DHS. Please check the INDEX to determine if there is a listing of your ancestor. Then send an email to Karl if you would like a scan of the person's photo from that yearbook.

DHS Yearbooks, 1913–June, 1914–June, 1915–January, 1916–June, 1917–January, 1924–January & June, 1926–January & June, 1927–January, 1928–January, 1930–January & June, 1931–January & June, 1932–January & June, 1933–January & June, 1934–January & June, 1935–January, 1936–January & June, 1938–June, 1945–June, 1947–June, 1952–January, 1954–Jun, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976

Dickson High School Index

 Ed Carlton
Holy Name and St. Peter's cemetery burials prior to 1985 from the 6 alphabetically listed LDS microfilms

Jill Novak
[email address confirmed 10/11]
Census lookups
 Jill Novak
[email address confirmed 10/2011]
World War I draft registration cards
Joanne Puchalik-Tompkins
I have a copy of my grandfathers Bayonne High School senior yearbook from 1928. It has pictures and a paragraph on each senior. I'd be happy to look people up and scan their picture, etc.
Lynne Hemsteger
[email address confirmed 10/2011]
History of Hudson Co: Genealogies of Prominent Families
Lois Friedman
[email address confirmed 10/2011]
Part IV, American Industries, New Jersey Industries of New Jersey, Hudson, Passaic and Bergen Counties; Published: Historical Publishing Company, Publishers, 1883 [NOTE: Only Hudson, Passaic and Bergen Counties]
 Helen (Derer) Grollmusz
[email address confirmed 10/2011]
1935 Dickinson Night School Yearbook, January and June Graduations
Susan Fevola
 1928 Kearny High School, NJ Yearbook