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Congratulations!! You have just won a bid for a HUD property. Attached are the required forms by Asset Manager. Use the checklist to make sure all the proper forms are used. Package must be in Asset Manager's office within 48 hours of award. Please note: Place the HUD case number on every document and make sure all signatures are in blue ink. Deposits are $500 for deals under $50,000 and $1,000 for any deal over $50,0000.  Click on the links below for all the proper forms. If you need further help email: Gary Hoffer at  or call Gary Hoffer at 443-324-4033 or 410-384-9000.

SALES CONTRACT PACKAGE lThe Sales Contract may be downloaded by clicking HERE. Package


All packages must be in the Asset Managers’ office within 48 hours of bid results.

All packages must contain the following:

1.  Sales Contract – HUD 9548

2.  Lead Base Paint Addendum – with property information on the website

     (properties built prior to 1978 only)

3.  Copy of the Earnest Money – certified check or money order payable to HUD

4.  Radon Gas/Mold Disclosure

5.  Owner/Occupant Certification (if applicable)

6.  Purchaser Rights and Responsibilities

7.  For Your Protection Home Inspection

8.  Inspection Addendum to the contract

9.  Electronic Filing Addendum

10. Pre-qualification letter or verification of funds


If the contract package contains errors or omissions, the bid may be cancelled and property re-listed. All signatures must be in blue ink and every page must have the case number on it. Prior to submitting the sales contract package, review the contract and addenda for accuracy and completeness.

Additional Forms

 You may find all forms here: