It is the responsibility of the Buyer’s Agent to have the property prepared for utility activation (De-Winterized) which includes coordination of activities with the utility providers and your inspectors/appraisers. Once Turn ON/OFF dates have been determined, provide them in the area below. Do not have any utilities activated or services completed until you receive permission to perform these tasks. Utilities may be activated for the maximum of 72 hours excluding weekends and all federal holidays. All fees associated with activating any utility, including but not limited to, inspections, permits, deposits, service fees, and/or applications fees required by a utility provider are the responsibility of the buyer. BLM does not coordinate any dates or facilitate any payments to any provider.

Before doing an inspection review the PCR (Property Condition Report).
It is the Buyer's cost and resposibility to place the Utilities on for the home inspection. Inspections are allowed during the first 15 days from winning the award. The cost of dewinteriztion and rewinterizing is the Buyers's responsibility as well. 
The Property Manager will have a form you will need to fill out indicating that utilities will be turned on as well as the dewinteriztion and rewinterizationTheir forms are listed below.
Should there be any indication of plumbing issues the FSM will not allow the property to be dewinterized.