Deposit Requirements

• Matt Martin is 1% of the Price Offered. Minimum of $500 and maximum of $2,000 required.   $0-$50k to be $500 and 1% thereafter up to $2000 max deposit.  

• Ofori and Hometelos requires contracts from $0-$50k to be $500 deposit and $50k-$100k      to be $1000. 
 For vacant lots, the deposit is 50% of the sales price offered.
• Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) earnest money deposit are the same as above but based on the LIST PRICE.


• The earnest money deposit check (Cashier or money order) must be made payable:
     For Matt Martin> Title Company of Choice
     For Hometelos>  Title Company of Choice
     For Ofori>           The Listing Agent

   Money Order is personal checks.


• When the bid is accepted, send the earnest money to:
      For Matt Martin>  To Matt Martin with Original Sales Contract Package
      For Hometelos>   To The Listing Agent with Copy of Sales Package
      For Ofori>            To The Listing Agent with Original Sales Contract Package.

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