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How do I search for a property?

You can search for all the HUD properties in a state by clicking on the state on the map or selecting it from the list.

You can type in part of the street address, or part of any of the other text fields. The system will select all properties that contain in the corresponding fields the letters or numbers that you type in.

You can also search by a price range, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, buyer type, or property status.


Can I save searches or bookmark properties?

When you have selected your search parameters and clicked Search, the system will keep a record of that search and up to five additional searches. Click the Recent Searches button to view the parameters or rerun your searches . If you click a Property Case to view property details, that property and up to five additional properties will be saved by the system. Click the Recent Listings button to view a list of recently viewed properties; you can click the Property Case number link to review the property details.

To permanently save unlimited searches and listings and receive user defined email alerts, you are required to register with and create a user name and password login.
Click the Save Search icon to save the parameters of your search.
You can click the Save button to the right of the property in the list of search results to save a property to review when you log in.

Where do I go if I need help with my registration or login, or have problems using this site?

If you need help using
  Email the Help Desk at

Everyone: Be sure to include your first and last name, your phone number, your email address, and your user name (if you have one). If there's a problem with a specific case, please include the case number. If there's a problem with a screen, try taking a screen shot of the active window (press Alt + PrintScreen) and pasting it into the email.

Additional Bidder Information: Be sure to include the following:

1. Your user name (if you have one)
2. Your NAID or Principal Broker's NAID
3. Real Estate License number(s)
4. State(s) Licensed
5. Items 2 through 4 for any additional brokers

For technical questions about using the
  Phone 866-777-2034

New Disclosure Has HUD Home Buyers Puzzled

A few days ago HUD added a new disclosure to its listings on the HUD Home Store that has many Columbus buyers and real estate agents puzzled.

“Availability of home is subject to the Asset Manager removing the home from the market”

What does this mean?

Basically, they say that HUD could remove the listing at any time without notice. On regular HUD listings that does not happen too often. They may remove a HUD home from their website, because of damage to the property. Maybe someone stole the copper or broke into the house.

HUD homes on a daily bid deadline get the additional warning that they are available “subject to the Asset Manager accepting a bid from an earlier bid period”.

HUD reviews new offers during business hours (Central Time). Bids submitted by midnight are reviewed on the next business day. It usually takes most of that day to go through all of the offers.

A property may disappear from the HUD home store anytime during the day, when HUD accepts a contract submitted a day earlier.

Here’s a good strategy that will save you time and redundant offers …

Submit your offer after 6 pm. That’s when most HUD listings have been updated and you know that the HUD house of your choice is still available.

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HUD Homestore Help                   Below questions are accessible by clicking:User-friendly version

Videos and guides showing you how to use HUD Homestore

Click the links below to see short videos on the topics listed. These videos may take some time to load (depending on your Internet speed).


· Resetting a Password and Forgot your Password

· If You Forgot Your User Name

Good Neighbor Next Door

· Finding Good Neighbor Next Door Homes


· Registering a Principal Broker

· Registering a Selling Agent or Associate Broker

· Adding Multiple Licenses

· Updating Your RE License Expiration Date

· Updating a License that's Expired on HUD Homestore

· Inactivating a License on HUD Homestore


· Entering a Bid for a Property

· Broker Login and Checking Bids

· Modifying and Withdrawing Bids

Here are two guides (as PDFs) that you can print or view on-screen:

· Registering as a Bidder
· Submitting a Bid

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How do I reach the Help Desk for login or registration problems, or other problems using

Do the contractors selling and maintaining the homes for HUD have toll-free phone numbers?

Who can buy a property on

How do I search for a property?

When I click a state on the map, I don’t get as many homes. Why?

Why do I have to register and create a login?

What are the listing periods?

Where do I go if I have questions about a property?

What are the HUD Special Programs?

How can I find out if I'm eligible for one of the special programs?

Who are the contacts for the HUD property for sale?

Property Search

How do I search for a property in my area?

Can I save searches or bookmark properties?

How can I see properties or searches that I've saved?

How can I rerun searches that I've saved?

Can I get sent an email when there are new listings I'm interested in?


How do I search for a property in my area?

Can I buy a home for investment purposes?

What would make me not eligible to buy a property?

Can I bid on homes myself?

Can I buy a property with someone else?

How can I get more information about a property I want to buy?

Do I have to register to make an offer?

What if I forget my password or user name?

How do I update my personal (profile) information?

Do I need an agent to make an offer?

My computer won't display a PDF document. What can I do?


        3 Bidding Tips

It's just after midnight Central Time. Why can't I put in a bid?

What does the red "Sale Pending" graphic mean?

What happened to my bid?

Is there something that explains the changes to HUD Home Sales?

How do I register on the site?

How do I obtain a NAID?

How long is a NAID certification valid?

Where do I go if I need help with NAIDs?

How do I reach the Help Desk for login or registration problems, or other problems using

Why do I have to register as a bidder?

How do I become a HUD-registered broker?

If I am licensed in more than one state, can I make offers for people in each state?

What if I forget my password or user name?

I remember my exact user name and password. Why can't I log in?

How do I get my broker listing corrected on

Why can't I see my name with the Find a Broker search when I've registered as a Bidder on the listing site?

I am a broker and have obtained several NAIDs that I use with different branchoffices. I can register the NAID for one office, but when I go to register a NAID for a second office I get a message that says that my license is already associated with a NAID.

I am a Selling Agent and have entered my broker's NAID and my personal Real Estate license number, but I am getting a message that I can't register because my broker isn't registered. Why?

How do I update my personal (profile) information?

How do I update my RE license information?

On which screen can I submit an offer?

Do I need to log in to submit an offer?

How do I submit an offer?

I can't submit an offer because my Real Estate license is inactive on HUD Homestore. What do I do now?

What do I do if my buyer doesn't have an SSN or EIN or a US address?

How do I keep track of offers I make for clients?

How do I know if an offer has been accepted?

What do I do if an offer has been accepted?

What do I do if an offer has been counteroffered?

What is the Bid Amount?

What is a Bid Open Date?

When are bids opened?

What do those IE, IN, and UI financing options mean?

Can I cancel an offer after it has been submitted?

Can I modify an offer after it has been submitted?

Bid Status

How can I see the status of bids for the property I made an offer on?

What are the different bid statuses?

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