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How do I register on the site:

If you are an associate broker or selling agent, your principal broker must register first before you can register with When you register as an associate broker or selling agent, you will need to use the NAID of your principal broker. You will also need your Real Estate license number and expiration date.In the Home screen on the upper right side, click the Bidder link. This displays the Bidder Registration screen where you start the registration process. The Submit button does not become "live" until the terms and conditions are accepted.

 Individual Accounts on

Although some Broker of Records require their agents to submit all bids at HUDHomeStore under the Broker of Records profile/account and this is certainly the broker’s prerogative; it may not be the ideal situation.  Below are some advantages for selling agents to create their own profile once their broker of record has registered and created their profile/account at

A.   Multiple offers on the same home submitted under one profile/account will give a 2nd offer an advantage because the 2nd person making a bid will see the 1st bid that was submitted for the same property and can advise their client of said 1st offer.

B.   Potential communication issues cause confusion within the office.  When a bid or contract is accepted all communication is directed to the broker of record only and it will be up to him/her to discern which agent within the office the information is directed to.

C.   Cancelled awarded bids or contracts because of missed time sensitive emails sent to the broker of record are not promptly forwarded or sent to the correct Selling Agent.

D.   Ability to communicate only with the broker of record as the selling agent would be a third party because the offer was not submitted under their name but under the broker of records name.


Selling Brokers must provide:

  1. 1111 – Original Signature Required –Send the original and one copy of the 1111 Form
  2. 1111A - Original Signature Required
  3. IRS Letter 147 C or IRS Official Document reflecting Business Name and EIN or copy of SS card if operating under SS#
  4. Copy of Real Estate Broker’s License with Expiration Date
  5. Copy of Driver’s License with Expiration Date
  6. Recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement that supports the address and Company or
    SAMS 1111
  7. Bidder Application link

    SAMS 1111A Selling Broker Certification Link
  • For applicants in  MD send to:
  • Philadelphia Homeownership Center
    Attention: NAID Registration
    The Wanamaker Building
    100 Penn Square East
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-3389

    Registration Under NAID Holder

    ·      Prior to Registering as a broker or seller on the Site, you must have a NAID number from HUD

    ·      The Principal Broker must register first as such using the NAID given

    ·      You Can enter up to 3 NAID numbers in 3 different states

    ·      Selling agents and associate brokers of the same company must register AFTER the Principal has been    established using the same NAID



    If you need help using
      Email the Help Desk at

    Everyone: Be sure to include your first and last name, your phone number, your email address, and your user name (if you have one). If there's a problem with a specific case, please include the case number. If there's a problem with a screen, try taking a screen shot of the active window (press Alt + PrintScreen) and pasting it into the email.

    Additional Bidder Information: Be sure to include the following:

    1. Your user name (if you have one)
    2. Your NAID or Principal Broker's NAID
    3. Real Estate License number(s)
    4. State(s) Licensed
    5. Items 2 through 4 for any additional brokers

    For technical questions about using the
      Phone 866-777-2034